Divine Gelz

What are sculptured nails?
Instead of using tips Divine Gelz sculptures the nails. This means that we place a form on your nail and use the gel to extend the length and match the natural curve and shape of your nail. We do this for two reasons: First, using a tip requires using nail glue and nail glue will dissolve in water and acetone. This means that you have a better chance of lifting or breaking a nail. Additionally, when you use a tip to extend the length of the nail it creates a stress point in the nail that is more likely to break if you hit it against something. And if you do break your tip off it is more likely to break in the middle of your nail bed removing a few layers of your natural nail with it....ouch! Using the gel to extend the length makes the nail stronger because it is one solid piece, instead of several pieces "glued" together, and if you do break your nail {yes, it occasionally happens} it will break at the weakest point which will be at the end of your nail bed or free edge, not in the middle, so it is a lot less painful. Second, by sculpting the nail we are able to match the natural shape and size of your nail so you receive a "custom fit" and not a piece of plastic mass produced for thousands of hands and shapes.

This How often do I need a fill?
Like acrylic nails Divine Gelz will need to be filled based on the rate of growth of your natural nails. Our customer fills range from 2 weeks to 4 or 5 weeks. You and your nail technician will determine how often you need a fill.

Can I get a fungus with Divine Gelz?
Our preferred answer is absolutely not, however, Divine Gelz cannot monitor every nail technician to insure the proper cleansing of equipment and preparation of you nail is performed. We suggest that you ask your nail technician questions about cleanliness and be proactive in this fight. We can assure you that you will not receive a nail fungus from water or other liquids and dirt seeping under your nail as Divine Gelz is completely non-porous and therefore liquid cannot penetrate the nail and become "stuck" between your natural nail and the gel.

What if I want to polish my nails?
One of the best features of Divine Gelz is that you can come in and get the classic pink and white or French Tip look and it's built right into the nail. But let’s say you have a sassy little pink number that you're wearing out one night and the perfect pink polish to match; with Divine Gelz you can polish over your French tips and later that night, the next day or the next week even, you can remove the polish and your French tips, high shine and smooth finish will still be there.... NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF POLISH REMOVER YOU USE. Not even pure acetone can mess these babies up... so polish away!

Can I get Divine Gelz on my toes?
Yes, absolutely.

What if I don't like French Tips {pink & white}?
No problem, Divine Gelz come in a multitude of colors and can be mixed with sparkles and powders to create the perfect look for you. You can also polish you nails just like you would with acrylics.

How often do I need to get a new set of nails?
With acrylics you have to take off the nails and get an entire new set every 3 months or so. Not with Divine Gelz. Divine Gelz are created so that as your nail grows out the extended gel is filed back until eventually the length is from your natural nail and the gel is just an overlay. Every time you receive a fill any part of the gel that has lifted away from your nail is completely filed off and replaced with a fresh coat of gel. Likewise all color is filed off and replaced so that it looks like you had a new set put on every time you leave but all of this is done with just a fill.

Will Divine Gelz nails break?
Yes, it can happen. If we made a nail that would not break no matter what then you'd start breaking your fingers because the pressure is just going to go back to the next weakest link. Our clients have attested to the fact that their nails are a lot stronger and break less often with Divine Gelz than with the acrylic.

Why are you so expensive?
We assure you, if you ask any of our clients they will tell you that our prices are worth every penny of the product. Unlike many nail salons our main focus is on customer relations and satisfaction. We make sure that your nails are perfect every time you walk out the door. Our attention goes to the details including the correct preparation and cleansing of the nail bed, sculpting of the nail and desires of our client on the way they want their nails to look. And our service does not end there; if you ever do break a nail we offer free repairs between fills and in most cases we can fit you in for the repair on the same day. If you are willing to give us a try we're convinced you'll be so delighted with your nails you'll never question the costs again. Come in and let us convince you too!