Divine Gelz

Why Divine Gelz

The new rave in sculptured nails; Divine Gelz are the best gel nail on the market. They are easy to shape and design and in most cases, do not require tips. Divine Gelz are extremely strong and durable, odor free and they won't damage the natural nail.

Ideal for everyone!

They are non-porous, so they are ideal for women who have their hands in water or other liquids, which means there is less lifting than acrylic nails. They are also completely non-yellowing; whether in tanning beds or the natural sun!

Amazing benefits

Divine Gelz are also "ready to wear" as soon as the application is complete, no drying time; and the end result? A smooth high gloss shine that won't dull or wear away over time! Another amazing benefit of Divine Gelz is the ability to change the look of your nails every fill without removing the actual nails or applying a new set. Divine Gelz are also wonderful as overlays on your natural nail to enhance its strength and beauty.

About the creator


Divine Gelz are the culmination of 5 years  of "trial and error". Dearlene Jones is a professional nail technician and creator of Divine Gelz, she searched for the best quality, most durable, least damaging artificial nail enhancement.  After spending thousands of hours and dollars, trying over 16 national and international gel systems, Dearlene found that some things worked from each system and some did not so she decided to find a chemist and put together all the "good" things that she liked while leaving out the "not so good".  Alas, Divine Gelz systems was born and Divine Gelz was the answer to what Dearlene had been searching for and believes they are the highest quality, most durable, least damaging, yet most affordable gel system on the market. Customers have raved and returned over and over for these incredible nails. For the professional; Divine Gelz are extremely nail tech friendly and will in fact do most of the work for you. We are available to answer questions, share tips and help you be more successful in your own business. Please feel free to contact us any time!

An Amazing Gel System

Heavenly sent to boost your business

An affordable gel system that is Divine! 

For the Professional Nail Artist

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